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Culture And History

Company Culture

Since the establishment of Nanchang Jiunai, our R&D team has grown from a small group to 200+ people. The area of the factory has expanded to 70.000 square meters, and the turnover in 2019 has reached 25.000.000 US dollars in one fell swoop. Now we have become In order to have a certain scale of business, it is closely related to our company's corporate culture.

The core concept is "long-term quality, endurance and survival".

The corporate mission is "to create wealth together, and to mutually benefit society".

Dare to innovate

The primary characteristic is to dare to try, dare to think and do it.

Uphold integrity

Uphold integrity is the core feature of Outai Shi.

Caring for employees

Every year, we invest hundreds of millions of yuan in employee training, set up employee canteens, and provide employees with three meals a day for free.

Be the best

Have a lofty vision, have extremely high requirements for work standards, and pursue "making all work a quality product".

Development History


2017 - 2018

Stamping Workshop

Add two continuous die production lines. Robotic automatic production line, continuous die production line, large tonnage equipment (2000 ton hydraulic press, 1000 ton punch press).

Finishing Workshop

Add a set of robotic automatic production lines. Robot automatic production line, CNC machining center, CNC vertical lathe. Add a bearing assembly line. Add automatic bearing processing line.

Surface Treatment Workshop

Physical phosphating.

Heat Treatment Workshop

Add a multi-purpose furnace.

Assembly Workshop

Add one automatic assembly and inspection production line for robot compression assembly; add one production line from general assembly inspection

Disc Hub Workshop

Add a robotic disc hub production line: disc hub robot automatic production line, which improves product accuracy and production efficiency and reduces production costs.